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The Accessta International Safety Technology Private Limited is committed in supporting industries to improve their workplace health and safety standards. Healthy and safe workplaces are fundamentals to achieving quality based production and high standards of working. 

Domestic and International company directors are in common opinion that health and safety is an essential ingredient for high quality and acceptance by international community, besides the issue of legal compliance. Looking to the future, International businesses can better understand the links between health and safety initiatives and productivity by improving performance in terms of health and safety. Businesses that understand the direct and indirect costs of health and safety violations better understand the full cost burden of illness and injury within their firms. They are also better able to measure the value of health and safety prevention strategies and the effect on their firm’s productivity.

Businesses that already acknowledge the links between safe and healthy workplaces and productivity enjoy a number of common success factors such as:
A high quality working environment
Increased  levels of co-operation between management and employees
Acceptance by international community
Revenue generation through winning global tenders
Allowing creative solutions for specific safety and health problems
Increased reputation
Fulfillment of moral, social  and legal responsibilities
‘There is a definite link between productivity and safety'. They are both equally the result of good management and good leadership. Safety is not a trade-off for productivity. Both should go hand-in-hand’.

The Accessta International Safety Technology Private Limited is highly committed to identify Organizational Training needs and to suggest cost-effective solutions in health and safety training arena.

Chairman & Managing Director
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