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International Diploma in Health Safety Environment Management
The complete comprehensive safety management program related to QHSE systems and most advanced integrated safety management systems. This diploma program safety analysis and improve the corporate culture of corporate organizations. This diploma program covers all the responsibilities of a safety officer pertaining to the international standards. The trainings and illustration will be delivered through classroom education, focusing flexible education for professionals.

Course Description

International Diploma in Health Safety Environment Management covers the core competence topics in the field of safety analysis and safety statistics. All successful candidates will be well aware about the general safety principles and standard safe operating procedure that should be followed in any industry. The syllabus is designed and modulated by research and development of Health and Safety Engineers, Covered in five disciplines and having visual class room discussions for an advanced practical delivery of these topics to our candidates.

What kinds of people take the International Diploma in HSE Certificate?

Managers, supervisors and employees throughout the world take the International Diploma in HSE Certificate because it gives them the skills and know-how to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities in any country and in any kind of organisation.
The International Diploma in HSE Certificate is also suitable for those embarking on a career in health and safety.
The Qualification Requires:Anyone having a basic educational qualification of SSC or Diploma/Degree in any disciplines can apply for this course.

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IDHSEM is available as a face-to-face course or through distance learning.
Course Duration: 2 Years / 1 Year 

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