Services at AIST Institute
AIST can help your company or organization achieve your core objectives.

We provide outsourcing solutions across India and we can customize solutions depending on what exactly your company needs. Our outsourcing services include:

Solutions for Turnkey purpose
Solutions for short-term man power during peak periods
Solutions for unexpected overloads

AIST provides professionals experienced in many areas, across several different sectors. This includes Airport, Automotive, Chemical, Hospitals, Petroleum Refining, Power Generation and many more. We work closely with your team and integrate Safety essentials from the beginning Hazard Assessment, including field representation; through to safety project completion. AIST will identify and provide the professionals who have the reasonable experience and background to satisfy the unique needs of your project.

Our Advantage:
AIST prides itself on a high level of quality service for all of our clients. We fully understand the needs of businesses across all sectors and offer each the solutions they seek. Before making any decision, please consider the following:

We offer a Large Database (constantly updated)

We offer quality and experienced man-power with a quick turn around

We provide flexible hiring techniques

We only focus on core competencies that offer sound solutions

Organizations do not need to worry about permanent liabilities

Company and Business Categories:
Our solutions and services extend to a broad range of career oriented positions and include:
The Engineering Sector(s) / Construction Design and Safety.
HSE Project Management and Supervision.
HSE Construction Management and Supervision.
HSE Inspection.
All Safety divisions.
Security/safety officers including stewards and supervisors.

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