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Farhan E Qureshi

“The Accessta International Safety Technology Private Limited (AIST) provides compact, professionally managed and well-presented delivery of the NEBOSH National General Certificate, Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management.  The courses provide a great opportunity to interact with and learn from the experiences of other Health and Safety professionals from a very wide range of sectors – something that on-line courses of study simply cannot do.  Knowledgeable presenters are able to focus the material on the day-to-day management of Health and Safety in the workplace, as well as on suitable preparation for achieving the NEBOSH qualifications.  Perfectly paced, tightly managed and delivered in a first-class learning environment, these courses are thoroughly recommended.”
C Veera Venkata Raveendra

“Excellent delivery by instructor, with indepth knowledge of not just the course content, but also background of Health & Safety plus case studies and actual events. Great use of video footage and hands on practical experience gained with fire fighting equipment.”

This was all round enjoyable and informative. It helped jog my memory on things I already knew and informed me of changes in the way things are done. Our tutor was a pleasent man and I look forward to doing more courses with him.
Abdul Ahmed Khan

"The instructor was a great help, I was really nervous with my confined spaces and he talked me through it so I was able to overcome the issue. The instructor had a great sense of humour which made the course interesting and engaging whilst also being fun. Thank you so much, I appreciate your help dearly."

Najmaldean Abdullah

I just wanted to express my satisfaction with your company's provision of the training in relation to the NEBOSH Award in Health & satefy at Work course. I was very impressed with the content and delivery of the course, both within the classroom and practical environment. Your instructors presented in a manner which simplified the complex procedures and ensured that I understood each aspect before progressing, which meant that I felt confident when completing both my practical and written assessments. Thank-you and your team for all your efforts.
Mahdi Abdualgader

"'Excellent and makes you realise it is something you should be thinking about every day…’ ‘Very good and knowledgeable. Good to hear about real life situations, makes it all the more realistic.’ ‘Super!’"

Satyanarayan Kumar
"‘The tutor was very friendly and informative. He kept me interested throughout the course…’ ‘It was relevant, clear and well presented. Good communication.’ ‘…the practical side of the course was good for people to experience what first aid would be like if they have not previously been in those situations.’"
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